BMS Performance Based Maintenance

BMS Performance Based Maintenance

Precise Air’s Building Performance Optimisation (BPO) team recognised an opportunity to reduce costs significantly at 201 Elizabeth St in Sydney by switching from a routine Preventative Maintenance to a Performance Based Maintenance for their BMS.

Traditional Preventative Maintenance focuses on checking that “what is working…is working”. This is not only time intensive, it also fails to recognise where improvements can be made.

In contrast, Performance Based Maintenance checks for abnormalities through present and historical data, giving the operator a better insight into where the systems can be optimised.

35% reduction in labour, 30% reduction in costs

Working on this premise, we rescoped and reallocated the BMS maintenance. As a result, we achieved 35% efficiency on labour over 12 months for a building in the Sydney CBD.

  • Client 201 Elizabeth St
  • Date 2016
  • Tags Optimisation

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