BPO achieves NABERS upgrade with zero capex

BPO achieves NABERS upgrade with zero capex

Precise Air’s Building Performance Optimisation team were engaged to review the performance of 1 Smith St Parramatta, a building that was not under contract to us.

The central challenge was whether Precise Air could improve an already high performing building that was, at the time of commencing our BPO project, contracted to another mechanical services provider.

The Facility Manager’s stated requirements for success were to:

  • first, produce significant energy savings
  • second, improve building performance and human comfort
  • third, no capital expenditure.

Precise Air’s approach differs from others.

We take the time to learn, understand and fine tune the building, working closely with the building management team and BMS provider to avoid unnecessary and costly upgrades.

20% less electricity and 30% less gas

The team successfully achieved a NABERS 5 Star Energy rating, reducing electricity consumption by 20% and gas by 30% for the same period in the previous year with zero capital expenditure and zero Greenpower. We have since taken on the maintenance contract for this site.

  • Client BGIS for 1 Smith St
  • Date 2016
  • Tags Optimisation

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