RCM method reducing costs

RCM method reducing costs

Precise Air applied a Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) regime at one of our largest static sites, identifying significant savings by altering the way service schedules were developed.

This methodology depends on the expertise of our technicians. We develop customer-centric technicians focused on applying their industry knowledge to solving problems, and understand the importance of a ‘whole system’ approach to asset management.

The resulting analysis provided a number of alternatives to reduce servicing and costs for Qantas. One of these were servicing of the Mass Air Flow systems.

It was at this point that we suggested that we remove them from the current maintenance plan as they were paying thousands of dollars on services that were not required.

Basing the service on run hours, we were able to select the best service to fit the need of each machine, thus reducing maintenance costs. For example:
• B-service: Ranged between $3-6k
• C service : Ranged between 3-5k
• D-service: Ranged between $1.5k-$2.5k.

We then reviewed the servicing that was allocated to items like standard toilet exhaust fans, that had no operational impact to the business. In the scheme of the maintenance regime for the site, these items fail only on the odd occasion.

The cost for replacing these fans was far less then that of maintaining them. As such they were considered a run to fail item and were excluded in the regular servicing programme, thus achieving significant savings.

  • Client JLL for Qantas
  • Date 2016
  • Tags Optimisation

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